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Letters to Editors and Govt Officials
To Washington Times

Dear Chris Dolan:

As a followup to my phone call today, I have attached three potential storys. Each is self explanatory! In addition I have a story about the failure of Reuters to cover these storys but the actions of a White Writer to fire my company and claim that I mafe an anthrax threat when I had just mentioned to her the failure of Reuters to cover the WW II era atomic story even when refered by a Japanese journalist Not only does this include historically important topics, it includes the origin of the Chinese and North Korean atomic programs. This has been covrered up by the media and the govt.. The key player is Peter Jennings at ABC News. He has also done an infomercial on CIPRO before the anthrax letters were mailed. This was covered up by Senator Lahey whose office received one of the letters.

Reuters is the largest Newservice Worldwide. In About Reuters its CEO Tom Glocer claims that he forced President Bush to setup a press conference on North Korea. In reality his newservice helped cover-up the whole WW II era story. This cover-up was carried out by Senator Leahy's office, One of two which received the letters!

Your consideration is appreciated.

Dear National Writer:

Three potential national storys are attached including the origin of the North Korean and Chinese atomic programs.

In a separate story, a White House reporter for Reuter's had my company fired after pointed out that her news service refused to cover the true story in the 1990's about the WW II era weapons of mass destruction story and PterJennings role in the anthrax cover-up. She had my company fired. Reuter's International has refused to take action or cover the story. CEO Tom Glocer claims in About Reuters that Reuters forced President Bush to hold a news conference on North Korea which has also been manipulated by the media!

Your consideration is appreciated.

Copyright 2005 Charles W. Stone All Rights Reserved

This proposal for a three book series or individual book publication comes from my own work and/or experience as a biomedical scientist and Washington investigative journalist. These books will be written by Charles W. Stone and in conjunction with Ms. Iona Miller, a well-known and sophisticated writer. I have published on the atomic story in Japan, Korea and Russia. My first atomic story was even covered by the North Korean News Service. Ms. Miller has published in NEXUS and other alternative publications.

The Weapons of Mass Destruction Story from the WW II era to the present day has never been brought to public attention on a large scale. Books have been published in Japan, the USA, The UK and Germany on these topics for over twenty years. Yet the mainstream media remains stuck in the past. This comprehensive review of a largely unexplored topic should be of interest worldwide. The story will be written for general consumption. The series will include not only the atomic story but also many parts of the biological warfare story including Unit 731.

High Level Corruption in Michigan with Links to the Federal Government including the Origin of the Retiree Health Part of the Clinton Health Care Program. It starts with Student Due Process cases, the Ann Arbor VA Hospital case and the Eby-Ludwig story. These have all made national and international news with the exception of the Student Due Process Cases. Other frauds include the James Neel story, the Discrediting of the most published microbiologist in the world and much more. It includes an effort to frame for murder an investigative writer by the FBI and local Flint, Michigan police and the famous FBI profile analyst who helped inspire the book and movie “Silence of the Lambs”. This brings forward the truth about a badly flawed book, Blood Justice by Tom Henderson, and A&E Special by the same production company, which did a famous cover-up of The Vincent Foster Murder! The FBI Analyst was also the key to the Atlanta Child Killing Cases, which are being reopened due to new and obvious evidence!

The Mankind Research Story and Associated Topics are very timely. Both Charles Stone and Dr. Richard Miller worked with Carl Schleicher and MRU famous names in the conspiracy world. Dr. Schleicher is credited with inventing the cyborg! Many important and timely topics are explored including the role of MRU as a front for the most tightly held secrets of the CIA, mind control technology. Many other topics are considered from psychotronics to dowsing to AIDS and Cancer therapies. Much of this is poorly known. A book for the general topic is badly needed.

Dear Ms. Caproni:

I was told the Investigations Division of the Inspector Generals's Office would not do anything unless I had copies etc of all of the documents. Even then it will be buried! Let me just summarize the important points:

The attempted frame up for murder took over 16 years to solve. It is one of the bigger cases in recent Michigan history. It involves the most famous FBI agent who helped inspire "Silence of the Lambs" and the Federal Judge and UAW Attorney of Record for Yardman vs. UAW the legal basis for the retiree health aspect of the Clinton Health care Program. That liability exceeds the asset value of the Fortune 500 companies. It also involves the attorneys of record for a 1986 US Supreme Court decision on the Buckley Act. These are just some of the interesting points. Not only has the Buckley Act been perverted to cover-up campus crime but it has been used to keep corrupt and sadist academics in Universities and this country. I can prove that the same people were also the keys to the Ann Arbor VA Hospital case, still the largest Federal case in Michigan history. In 1986 during my first investigative project I had linked these cases when the effort was made to frame me for murder by the FBI and local Flint Police. I made numerous attempts to have this series of criminal abuse investigated et al. I can prove that both the FBI and Justice Dept. went to great lengths to prevent access to the key documents and I suspect that certain document have been destroyed relating to the Eby case. Not only that I suspect that the FBI manipulated the case and local police to keep it unsolved.In fact I met then FBI Director Louis Freh and informed him of the case. He said send a FAX to his office which I did and spent two years trying follow up. I still don't even know if Judge Freh ever saw the FAX.

The case was only solved when the Michigan State Police made a DNA match and a second high profile murder was linked to the Eby case. It is highly likely that many other murders occurred during this period of time. I believe the FBI was playing on the local Flint Police to help cover-up these series of cases. Since then it has been covered by A&E Cold Files in a limited story which completely overlooked the obvious FBI and Justice Dept. abuse. A dishonest book by St. Martin's Press also contained many inaccuracies esp. about the FBI and Justice Dept. abuse. This same Publisher is currently publishing a book by Judge Freh about his years as FBI Director.

This abuse is esp. important in view of the fact that it involves one of the top law and medical schools in the country. A key person involved in the current Tort Reform effort was one of the Ob-Gyn Doctors who was involved in a early due process case involving the Buckley Act. I am in favor Tort Reform. But there is also a bigger picture of high level academic and judicial corruption. There is much more involved in this story.

I do not want to have this important series of cases buried in the Justice Dept. There must be some other way to proceed! In fact why hasn't the FBI or Justice Dept. on its own investigated these cases. I have made a number of appeals and requests over the years. Why has the government gone to such extremes to support the wrong people and groups???

These re a few of the questions which need to be answered! Your assistance is appreciated.

Dear Greg Philips:

I have a great deal of documentation from Univerity records to investigative books on this series of questions. Tort Reform is only part of the medical reform needed. It is esp. questionable when key members of your Association have been guilty of fairly serious legal abuses themselves! The Clinton hearth care reform set back real reform for 15 years or more!

Your comments are appreciated.

Dear Greg Phillips:

Let me know your comments on my summary! There is much more to the story! It involves the attorneys of record for a US Supreme Court test case for the Buckley Act. It is great example of a good law perverted by the US Supreme Court and The US Dept. of Education. It has been used to cover-up campus crime and worse. In the Ann Arbor case it is directly linked to a mass murder and its cover-up which is the largest Federal Case in Michigan history. There is direct involvement to the physicians mentioned through a due process. In addition there is a direct link to the Clinton healthcare reform plan which has set back reform by at least fifteen years. All of this is obvious and can be proven by public records and other documentation. I believe that tort reform is badly needed but these other topics are also important!

Dear Greg Phillips:

Please excuse my delay in getting back to you! First, I have been reluctant about mentioning names. This is for various reasons! The following is a brief summary:

Several ACOG members at the University of Michigan Medical School were involved first in fairly serious Due Process Abuse. All should have been fired! These Ob-Gyn physicians are:

John Musich , MD, a current member, and a regional leader for tort reform. AKA Dr. Mucus by his fellow residents. He has been active championing resident causes for Ob Gyn and psychiatry programs. Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Michigan

Ernest Wynne III, a current member, and a local DC Ob Gyn physician, Howard University Hospital, Washington, DC.

S. Jan Behrman, MD, a elderly retired member, who currently lives in Florida. He is an Afrikaner and South African native , who claimed to be a personal friend of King Hassan of Morocco. I checked and found he was not known to His Highness. My inquiry was returned by the Foreign Minister of Morocco. An Endowed Chair has Been created at The Ob Gyn Dept. at Michigan for him.

John Gosling, MD, a deceased member of ACOG!

These gentleman were keys to a fairly serious Buckley Act violation which involved the attorneys of record for a second US Supreme Court test case. It is a prime example of how the Buckley Act has been perverted by the US Supreme Court and the US Dept. of Education. Not only was its original purpose thwarted but it has been used to cover-up campus crime up to and including murder. In the Michigan case a several of the Administrators and psychiatrists were involved in the Ann Arbor VA Hospital case, the largest Federal case in Michigan history. The corrupt and dirty physicians used the Act to prevent any further legal action. In 1986 when I was researching my first major story linking these cases to the Medical School Dean who was the then Chief Medical Director of the VA during large scale destruction of records for atomic veterans et al. This was the domestic equivalent of the Iran Contra. The FBI and local police in Flint, Michigan tried to frame me for murder. This involved the famous FBI profile analyst who helped inspire the famous motion picture "Silence of the Lambs". Partly because of the FBI corruption this well known Michigan case was left unsolved for 16 years during which a number of other murders occurred in Michigan and probably Ohio due to pervert who was finally convicted by DNA and exact crime scene evidence. This was a national case making A&E Cold Files et al. I can prove both the FBI and Justice Dept. went to great extents to prevent access to documents and probably destroyed files. Also it appears the FBI manipulated the local police to keep this case closed. It was eventually solved by the Michigan State Police and a small Detroit suburban police force. The Flint Police and Prosecutors messed it up badly and tried to take credit for it including a personal friend of Michael Moore.

The original due process case involved the Federal Judge and UAW attorney of record for Yardman vs. UAW, the legal basis for retiree health part of the Clinton health care reform plan. This liability exceeds the asset value of the Fortune 500 companies! . The Federal Judge has a long history of questionable activity. The original Buckley Act case involving the ACOG members was never allowed to come to trial and occurred at the same time as the Ann Arbor VA Case in Detroit Federal Court. The Federal Judge, Cornelia G. Kennedy has a long history of corrupt activity and turned down for the US Supreme Court by Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan and was the subject of a national controversy involving the Chairman of the US House Govt. Operations Cmte.. This case also involved the famous 101st Senator, a key aide of Senator Strom Thurmond, who made many decisions for the Senator who was Chairman of the US Senate Judiciary Cmte. at the time.

To sum up these ACOG members were involved in serious academic fraud linked to several major FBI frauds. A good law, the Buckley Act was perverted to protect corrupt physicians who should have been fired. This perversion of the Buckley Act continues to protect academic crooks. In addition it has been used to shield corruption in college athletics, Wisc. Law Review, 2003: 1053. I believe that tort reform is important for health care reform. But also this type of fraud is important, too! Both the legal and medical systems have many problems that can be traced back to abuses in the professional schools. The legal profession produces wrong sided law as has occurred with the Buckley Act. The medical system has been harmed by mistreatment of students, residents et al in medical schools. This case is linked to the Clinton health care reform plan which set back real health care reform by at least fifteen years in my opinion. These are also important topics. Hopefully, you learned something!

Your comments are appreciated.

Dear Ms. Rutledge:

I wanted to follow with you concerning my email regarding health care reform and several members of ACOG and the links to serious academic and judicial corruption. These ACOG members are key players in these situations. I believe that tort reform is long overdue. But also other topics are very important in health care reform. These key ACOG members are linked to due process or Buckley Act violations. The case involves the Federal Judge and UAW lawyer of record for the legal basis of the retiree health part of the Clinton health care plan. In my opinion That failure set health care reform back by fifteen years.In my opinion the problems with both the medical and law professions start with abuses and fraud in Universities. In fact I can demonstrate a series of some of the dirtiest and most sadistic fraud directly linked to these key ACOG members and that these physicians should have been fired from their University positions long ago. At least one who has an endowed Chair at a major University probably should have been deported. The abuses involve several of the largest Federal cases in a major state. Those that ask for protection from a wrong-sided and out of control legal system have carried out similar abuses including using the Buckley Act to justify their own continued highly lucrative professional work.

I would like to determine the ACOG position on this type of corruption and its also very serious costs. This involves a key player in tort reform at ACOG. I have tried to illustrate a pattern of corruption which I feel is at least as important as tort reform.

Your comments are appreciated.

Dear Ms. Penny Rutledge:

Part of my work is as an investigative writer. I was asked at one time to do an article about the retiree health part of the Clinton health care plan by the Editorial Editor of Barron's. So I have a fair amount of knowledge about that topic. In addition I have a substantial background as a medical and biomedical scientist. My MS thesis is in the same area of immunology as the new dendritic cell vaccines which have cured several types of cancer and spawned a new class of AIDS drugs.

One of my major areas of interest involves due process questions in education and high level corruption in medical schools. I believe that tort reform is long over due for physician esp.those in OB-GYN. But I should mention that I have found a link to fairly serious corruption at a top US medical school and several members of ACOG esp. including one who is quite active in tort reform. I wanted to present this information to the right officials at ACOG! It is linked to several of the biggest cases in Michigan history including a 1986 case which was recently on A&E Cold Files. It appears the ACOG members are at the root of the academic corruption situation. The attorneys of record for a 1986 US Supreme Court test for the Buckley Act are also involved along with the Federal Judge and UAW attorney of record for the retiree health part of the Clinto health care plan which in my opinion has set health care reform back by 15 years. The Bush Adminstration has just been making adjustments based on the Clinton approach. Please let me know who to contact at ACOG about these questions!

Your assistance is appreciated.

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