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Charles W. Stone

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How the Media has Misled America about a series of Atomic Cover-ups from WW II to the Present Day and Why these Questions are Important to the General Public:

This includes overwhelming evidence about both Imperial Japan’s and Nazi Germany’s Atomic Programs and the Cover Up by the US Government! This reveals detailed documentation from the National Archives and other sources and a series of ground breaking books going back to 1980 in the USA, Japan, Germany and other countries. I have published on this topic in Japan and Russia. My first 1996 story was carried by the North Korean News Service. Why the US government Cover-up been a Major Factor in the Hiroshima Revenge Story and much more! North Korea and Iran are making significant progress in carrying out that Revenge!

The Role of the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC) in post WW II atomic studies.

All radiation standards are based on these studies and modernized versions known as the Bier Reports by the National Academy of Sciences. The original studies were carried by US Govt. experts and former Members of Unit 731, the infamous Imperial Japanese Army Biological Warfare Unit. This effort was lead by Dr. James Neel, a pioneer in human genetics. He was a key player in the 1990’s scandal which exposed the largest fraud in anthropology. This was covered up by the media, The University of Michigan and the Federal Government. Later developments included an effort to develop an independent zone larger than FARC in Columbia in Venezuela for extraction of gold and antiquities! Dr. Neel was an important pioneer also in the Human Genome Project!

The Atomic Veterans Cover-Up

Among the largest in US history, much of this has never been covered by the media and has been among the most evil and cynical political games in Washington from the 1950’s through the present day! From the early role of Warren Burger, the future Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court to the role of Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Defense in this effort illustrates the deep seated corruption and degeneracy of the Federal Government. A totally unreported “Karen Silkwood” character is mentioned for the first time! All of this actually further discredited atomic energy! Now that much improved technology is available atomic energy remains underused in the USA as compared to France and Japan! Both the FBI and Justice Dept. tied to frame for murder an investigative writer who tried to expose this story! This has been proven by an A&E Cold Files case and a lot more including the book Blood Justice published by St. Martin’s Press!

The Media Cover-up

For a number of years the late Peter Jennings was recognized as the key media gate keeper in New York. He actually was part a documentary by the leading Revisionist historian at MIT on the WW II era atomic story. This is a key part in the Hiroshima Revenge movement! Peter Jennings also did an infomercial for CIPRO BEFORE the anthrax letters were sent. The anthrax scare saved the producer of CIPRO even though much better and cheaper alternatives are easily available and known! When confronted with these stories and the failure of Reuters to cover the real story the Acting White House Correspondent for the world’s largest news service claimed the real investigative writer made an anthrax threat to her. This same Reuters Correspondent was allowed to present the second question at the first Obama press conference! These are just some of the most blatant examples. The CEO of Reuters has refused to take any action! This is the same writer who was framed in the atomic veterans cover-up!

How the Buckley Act was Perverted to Cover Up Campus Crime!

In 1974 then Senator James Buckley sponsored a good law to help bring accountability, fairness and constitutionality to the education system from elementary school through graduate and professional school. Universities were compelled to provide their reasons for academic actions and the actual documents. A major weakness of the law was that Federal Funding would be withdrawn from Universities violating the law! Much more serious problems were added by US Department of Education regulations which allowed Universities to use the privacy part of the law to cover-up campus crime up to and including murder! This obviously helped create to circumstances for the Virginia Tech shootings. Virginia Tech also abused the family members of the victims during the settlement process. The DC lawyer who profited from the case also abused a key investigative journalist.

The Destruction of the Financial System Leading to a $15 Trillion Loss Worldwide

The world is still in shock about the series of financial frauds which have devastated the world economy. Yet the media refuses to tell the true story about naked stock shorting and its key role in the stock market crash! The full true story has been well documented by a professional group of bloggers. It was not a market event but a deeply criminal act. The SEC had numerous warnings of naked stock shorting and related frauds yet no action was taken. This includes the continued licensing of the key player in the largest stock fraud in thirty years. This earlier case also involved major Iran Contra figures and Adnan Khashoggi, an infamous financial player! A key investigative writer was almost murdered by the key player and an associate during a business trip to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. The case also involved a self-described playmate for Senator Daschle’s staff. Another key part of the financial collapse involved toxic mortgages and their creation by the Federal Government to expand homeownership especially for minorities! This well intentioned effort was allowed to continue for far too long! The protective efforts of key lobbyists and lawyers in Washington played a key role along with profits for Wall Street! Independent efforts to use common sense ways to solve the crisis were ignored for multi-Trillion Dollar bailouts. Our children’s and grandchildren’s futures have been leveraged for questionable bailouts! Common sense efforts to solve the problem had no chance! These key stories have not been covered in this way by the media!



                                                        Shangri-la et al


During the 1930’s there was intense interest in Central Asia and Mongolia. This was symbolized by the book Shangri-la. Both the US Government and Nazi Germany had special missions in that region. The US Mission was led by Nicolas Roerich, a Russian artist and mystic. There was great controversy about this mission. It cost Henry Wallace a shot at the Presidency. Recently substantial interest has been shown in this time and topic. We have unique excerpts from the diary of  FDR confidant and US Military Intel articles about the ritual suicide and more of Mongolians in Berlin at the end of WW II. What found there? Some of FDR’s most closely help items relate to the period. He apparently was following the course of WW II from the predictions found in a book from that region. It appears that ancient texts also were coded models for advanced technology! Did this help the Manhattan Project ? Or has it all been hidden away like the Ark in Raider’s of the Lost Ark!!


                                     Who Guard’s the Gate-Keepers??


A series of cases illustrate deep seated corruption in the US Dept. of Justice and Federal Judiciary. Several key cases are also linked to top law and medical schools! These go back to the early 1970’s and also involve a long time of the US Attorney’s Association.  A Federal Appeals Judge with a long history of questionable activity has been protected for many years.  An Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court is responsible for questionable activity in key cases. A key investigative writer was framed for murder involving the FBI’s most famous profile analyst. This has been shown on A&E Cold Files.  Both the Justice Dept. and FBI went to great lengths to prevent access to the documents! Why have a Federal Judiciary if the protections are used to further a personal agenda! The great powers have been abused commonly and blatantly by a number of Officer’s of the Court and Justice Officials.



                                                Treasury’s Failure


The only US Government Department still next to the White House is the Treasury Dept. In front is a statue of Alexander Hamilton who put the country on a good economic course along with President George Washington. The current Secretary has ignored independent advice, His actions as Treasury Secretary and his previous role as President of the New York Federal Reserve Board have led to the biggest government spending binge in US history. Future generations are saddled with enormous debts! A common sense approach could have solved the problems without the Trillions in added debt! Why has Treasury not been open to new ideas!



                                                     MK Ultra and Its Origins


The most notorious aspects of Allen Dulles CIA involved MK Ultra and multi-headed approach. Some parts have just recently been solved by independent researchers and scientists! Mind control technology is the most tightly held by the US Intel establishment. Much of this came from the work of Tavistock Institute in London. It was among many other functions the key mind control agency for MI 6 Intelligence!   Tavistock started officially after WW I to treat British soldier’s suffering from severe battlefield shock. Its early work involved Sigmund Freud himself and sponsored by ranking Members of the Royal Family! During the 1930’s its mission changed greatly and became much darker. By the mid 1940’s it had become very powerful in British policy. It played a key role in the Rudolf Hess affair and in bringing about the Firebombing of Dresden and Hamburg.  Over the years it has built a very powerful network in the USA! Some researchers believe it has even chosen the President!

Detailed reports, letters, maps and more are available to help defray the costs of development. In addition let me know your most pressing Federal Question. I will provide you the name, address and phone number of the responsible elected and appointed officials.

In addition I have completed a substantial amount of work on other topics. These are as follows:

Asbestos Abatement and Related Topics!!

Washington Trade Center story!!

US Navy Helicopter and Aircraft Development!!

The Largest Commodities Fraud in US History!

Technology Suppression relating to Stealth Technology.

Atomic Veterans and related topics.

The full story on each of these topics will follow!! Please send your preferences by Email!

Washington Speakers Corner!!!!

Talks and Seminars on these topics for interested parties in Washington or at your site!!

Tiger Tours

Let us show you the “Heart of It All” Washington, DC

Learn the real story behind the “Shining City on the Hill” !!

Dear Senator Daschle:

Back in 2001 I worked with a Ms. Beverly Chapman for a matching fund effort for a Justice Dept. grant for the Pine Ridge Reservation. Ms. Chapman was quite close to your staff at that time. Eventually she spent time at the Reservation and developed serious problems with the Tribal Officials and our roup. I was asked to spend several weeks in Rapid City trying to straighten out the deal. Ms. Chapman was working with Valerie Redhorse, a Native American actress and financial consultant. Both were reportedly scamming the Tribe. In addition both were trying to circumvent my company. Subsequently It was learned that Ms. Redhorse has been involved in major financial frauds. She was the office manager for Michael Milken, Mr. Junk Bond, himself. During the period I worked with her she was involved with a very large broker fraud involvin Adnan Khashoggi himself and has been found guilty of the largest broker fraud in thirty years.She is still involved with Natiove American finance and recent was on the cover of Minority Business Entrepreneur, was featured in Hollywood Reporter and has received national awards. In fact she still has a full complement of SEC licenses.

I did notthink you were aware of all of this. It would be appreciated if I could discuss this with you in more depth. In addition to being a financial consultant I also am an investigative writer. Please let me know when you would be available! Your cooperation is appreciated.

Charles W. Stone
Dear Ryan Rhodes:

Attached are the two emails to Senator Daschle! In addition there was an almost certain attempt on my life which was told to me by a Tribal Member who was given a check for . There was supposed to be an "ambush" at the Rapid City Airport. The Tribal Development official assigned to me disappeared and was later fired.The Genesis Intermedia story was in several California newspapers and Red Herring Magazine. Major Iran Contra figures were involved. Does the Senator recall a Beverly Chapman associated with his Senatorial Staff. The other "Principal" Valerie Redhorse has been featured nationally in MBE Magazine (Making the cover) and Hollywood Reporter. She also received several national awards and has retained all og her SEC licenses despite being convicted in Federal Court in Minneapolis for the largest broker fraud in thirty years. She was also the office manager for Michael Milken, the junk bond king! Now Ms. Redhorse is being featured as the saviour of distressed Tribes. Both she and Ms. Chapman were scamming the Pine Ridge Sioux Tribe. I was brought to Raip City to try to straighten the situation out in December 2001. Both the SEC and FBI have not responded to my complaints. When I threatened to go to Congress, the FBI Office said the complaint was sent to HQ in DC.

This is a major financial fraud and heavy duty protection has been given to Ms. Redhorse! I would like to ask the Senator several questions! Your assistance is appreciated.

Charles W. Stone
Dear Ms. Caproni:

I was told the Investigations Division of the Inspector Generals's Office would not do anything unless I had copies etc of all of the documents. Even then it will be buried! Let me just summarize the important points:

The attempted frame up for murder took over 16 years to solve. It is one of the bigger cases in recent Michigan history. It involves the most famous FBI agent who helped inspire "Silence of the Lambs" and the Federal Judge and UAW Attorney of Record for Yardman vs. UAW the legal basis for the retiree health aspect of the Clinton Health care Program. That liability exceeds the asset value of the Fortune 500 companies. It also involves the attorneys of record for a 1986 US Supreme Court decision on the Buckley Act. These are just some of the interesting points. Not only has the Buckley Act been perverted to cover-up campus crime but it has been used to keep corrupt and sadist academics in Universities and this country. I can prove that the same people were also the keys to the Ann Arbor VA Hospital case, still the largest Federal case in Michigan history. In 1986 during my first investigative project I had linked these cases when the effort was made to frame me for murder by the FBI and local Flint Police. I made numerous attempts to have this series of criminal abuse investigated et al. I can prove that both the FBI and Justice Dept. went to great lengths to prevent access to the key documents and I suspect that certain document have been destroyed relating to the Eby case. Not only that I suspect that the FBI manipulated the case and local police to keep it unsolved.In fact I met then FBI Director Louis Freh and informed him of the case. He said send a FAX to his office which I did and spent two years trying follow up. I still don't even know if Judge Freh ever saw the FAX.

The case was only solved when the Michigan State Police made a DNA match and a second high profile murder was linked to the Eby case. It is highly likely that many other murders occurred during this period of time. I believe the FBI was playing on the local Flint Police to help cover-up these series of cases. Since then it has been covered by A&E Cold Files in a limited story which completely overlooked the obvious FBI and Justice Dept. abuse. A dishonest book by St. Martin's Press also contained many inaccuracies esp. about the FBI and Justice Dept. abuse. This same Publisher is currently publishing a book by Judge Freh about his years as FBI Director.

This abuse is esp. important in view of the fact that it involves one of the top law and medical schools in the country. A key person involved in the current Tort Reform effort was one of the Ob-Gyn Doctors who was involved in a early due process case involving the Buckley Act. I am in favor Tort Reform. But there is also a bigger picture of high level academic and judicial corruption. There is much more involved in this story.

I do not want to have this important series of cases buried in the Justice Dept. There must be some other way to proceed! In fact why hasn't the FBI or Justice Dept. on its own investigated these cases. I have made a number of appeals and requests over the years. Why has the government gone to such extremes to support the wrong people and groups???

These re a few of the questions which need to be answered! Your assistance is appreciated.

Charles W. Stone
Dear David Schlesinger:

This past weekend I was at the 2005 Book Expo America in NEw york. The
Reuters Bldg. is prominent in the West side skyline. I disagree in
several ways:

First, the atomic suppression story is a perfect example of what
journalism shoulb be exposing. The opposite is happening! It is becomong more
serious as Japan and China are now showing substantial hostility and
this will increase. The WMD story is a key part of the WW II era animus.
I ran across another book which presents the story very well:

Reich of The Black Sun

Nazi Secret Weapons & The Cold War Allied Legend by Joseph P. Farrell,
Adventures UNlimited Press, 2004. On p.3 it mentions a key document
should change that history, the Zinnzer Document. I found the report
myself in The National Archives at College Park. I believe the future of
mankind is at stake. Perhaps you recallRobert Oppenheimer's prayer before
the New Mexico test in Ancient Indian. Nuclear war has occurred in the
past and could wipe out mankind again! The media is facilitating this

It is time to face reality!

Charles Stone wrote:
Dear David Schlesinger:

I believe this was the original message. I lays out the importance of
the story! There was no answer! This was over three months ago!
Charles W. Stone

Dear Ms. Nancy Gardner:

Part of my work is as an investigative writer. I have published
internationally in prestigious papers and magazines. In 1997 a respected
Japanese jounalist introduced me to a Reuters writer on the WW II era
Japanese atomic bomb story. This was published in one of Japan's top
magazines read by decisionmakers by JiJi Press. Your Reuters writers was pretty
snotty and followed the lead of the top revisionist historian at MIT,
Prof. John Dower. He has done a documentary with Peter Jennings at ABC
News on this topic This includes the origin of the North Korean and
Chinese atomic programs. Peter Jennings also did a infomercial for CIPRO
before the anthrax letters were mailed and continued to hype CIPRO
throughout the anthrax crisis. This was investigated by the US Senate
Juduciary Cmte.chaired at that time by Senator Leahy. I believe the Jennings
role was covered up by the investigation. Ironically one of the two
anthrax letters which shut down the Capital for months was mailed to
Leahy's office. Subsequently another private microbiologist has beeen
ruined by the New York Times and FBI efforts which are obviously wrong.
Your bureau chief also expressed no interest in several very important

To help pay my bills I drive part time for limousine services in the DC
area. This past December I picked up one of your White House reporters,
Caron Bohan, as part of the CNN contract. During the trip around the
Beltway to Chevy Chase, DC I mentioned this story to her. WMD questions have been used against President Bush by the media. As I stopped after
leaving the Beltway, your reporter suddenly bolted from the car saying she would have her husband pick her up. I circled and came back to pick
her up again and a bab was pulled up in the entrance ramp to the Beltway. I have been apart-time driver for six years and have never had sucha
response. She claimed I was "talking about anthrax"! That was mentioned briefly but only in the context of the bigger story. My company fired from the CNN contract for me briefly and politely mentioning the truth to a member of the media. This is supposed role of the press! Instead a
dishonest story was used to fire the company I was working for. Several very important stories have been covered up by the media and when the
truth was suggested to your reporter she not only had my company fired but lied out it!

I can prove all of this. I have been entrusted with a number of important people in the DC area. I have never had that type of response. I
have contacted the attorney representing the microbiologist ruined by The New York Times and the FBI. Jounalistic fraud takes many forms. Check
out my WEB site:


I have published on the history of the weapons of mass destruction in
Japan, Korea and Russia. It was even coverted by the North Korean News
Service. I believe I can show a pattern of Journalistic fraud and
worse. Please respond in writing by email! Your cooperation is appreciated.

Very truly yours,
Charles W. Stone

What’s New
World War II Era Japanese and German Efforts to Develop Atomic Weapons and other advanced technologies. This project led to atomic secrecy, Japanese and East Asian politics, US Cold War Foreign Affairs esp. in the Far East, the Origins of the International Drug Trade, the Origins of the Korean and Vietnamese Conflicts and the Black Gold and other Valuables Looted from East Asia by Imperial Japan. In addition a newly found effort to bring the European style concentration camps to the Far East in Shanghai will be presented with a real life Dr. Mengele of the Far East. We have almost certain evidence that both Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany tested atomic devices. In the case of Germany the atomic terror device was allegedly tested in October 1944 prior to the Alamogordo test by The Manhattan Project. This information has been suppressed by several US government departments and agencies including the DOE, NASA, CIA and DOD for reasons having no relation to national security. Mainstream media has refused to cover these topics which include the origin of both the North Korean and Chinese atomic programs. These remain the most important sources of political and military instability in Asia.
Dear Presiding Director:

For some period of time I have been researching high level academic and judicial fraud in Michigan and its links to due process in education, the veterans controversies of the 1980's and the Clinton health care plan. In fact Michigan was the center for the ill-fated effort which setback real health care reform back by fifteen years in my opinion. I was asked by the Editorial Editor of Barron's to do an article on the retiree health aspects of the Clinton plan. That liability exceeds the asset value of the Fortune 500 companies. The legal basis is Yardman vs. UAW and involves the former Chief Federal Judge in Michigan. This Judge has a long history of questionable activity. In 1980 her elevation to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals was the subject of a national controversy involving the Chairman of the House Govt. Operations Cmte., Her elevation to the Supreme Court was turned down by President Nixon, Ford and Reagan. Yet the University of Michigan went to great lengths to help her elevation to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

This same bad Federal Judge was involved in early due process cases with the same University. The same University of Michigan Medical School staff members were involved in leading the FBI astray in the Ann Arbor VA Hospital case. This remains the largest Federal case in Michigan history and involves one of the top law and medical schools in the country. In the late 1980's I started my investigative efforts with this case and the veterans controversies of that time period including Agent Orange, Atomic Veterans and Quality of Care. Just the destruction of the atomic veterans records was the domestic equivalent of the Iran Contra. There is an excellent article on this topic from The Nation by Mark Perry in 1986. Mr. Perry shared in the monetary award for the Nobel Peace Prize given for landmines.In the fall of that year I spent several weeks calling a number of groups in Washington, DC which were involved with this controversy. In October 1986 I decided to sell my house in Flint, Michigan and was required to remain there for two weeks because of problems with the Realtor. During this period a friend of mine was murdered on the Mott estate. The FBI's top profile analyst, former Special Agent John Douglas, was brought in to create a "profile"! Amazingly it was exactly what I was doing the night in which the murder may have occurred. After completing the sale of my house I returned to the Newark, DE area where I moved. My Realtor had ripped off 50% of my house and my friend was viciously murdered. The Realtor, a family friend, later became the Director of the MESC during the Engler Administration. Gov. Engler is now the CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers.

Several months later the Keystone Kops from Flint turned up trying to frame me for the murder based on a large extent on the cooked FBI profile. John Douglas is the real life character for the FBI Special Agent in the famous book and movie "Silence of the Lambs" also was the key player in the Atlanta child killing case. That case will probably be reopened soon. I cooperated with the Flint Police, one of whom was a boyhood friend. The Keystone Kops went home and I thought that was it. I tried to obtain the FBI records in both cases. In the case of the Eby murder, her family was unduly influenced by the same Flint Police who had messed up the original case with the probable deliberate efforts of the FBI. The FBI claims that no records exist on the Eby case even though it is public knowledge that the most FBI Agent of modern times was involved. The records in the Ann Arbor case were also denied. I took the FOIA case to Federal Court. This involved the same Federal Judge who made questionable decisions during the CREEP case from the Watergate era.

I later learned that I was the main suspect for many years. Finally using funds from a Justice Dept. grant the Michigan State Police who had saved the original evidence made a DNA match which finally identified the perverted murderer who also was found guilty of the TWA stewardess case near Detroit Metro Airport. This has been a national case which made A&E Cold Files. An important part of this story relates directly back to the University of Michigan fraud. I do not need to mention that Dow Chemical was a key player in the Agent Orange controversy. There is no proof linking Agent Orange to pathology seen in Vietnam veterans. Why has the Federal Govt. gone so far to obscure the record dealing with the very real mortality and morbidity seen in Vietnam veterans. Why were the records relating to Agent Orange use made so difficult to use???

During this major controversy in the late 1980's the former Michigan Medical School Dean had become the Chief Medical Director of the VA. This Office by Federal Statute is responsible for the Agent Orange, Atomic Veterans and quality of care controversies. This effort to frame me for murder came directly from these controversies. At that time I did mention the links to Dow Chemical in my interviews.In reality Dow has had a long and close relationship with the University of Michigan Medical School and the University. This includes even members of the Dow family, the Harry Towsleys for example.

The University of Michigan Medical School has a long history of corrupt and dirty activities including the recent James Neel controversy which was reported to be the largest fraud in the history of anthropology. It was never mentioned in the intense media comments, but James Neel was a key player in the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC). All radiation standards worldwide are based on these studies. The media focused on the role of Dr. Neel and his party in treating a smallpox epidemic involving the Yanomani Indians in Venezuela. Yet there were many other important aspects of the story including a number of radiation studies. Eventually two thirds of the Tribe died from smallpox. One of Dr. Neel's key students became world famous after creating a documentary about the fierceness of the Tribe. He also tried to create the world's largest independent zone in Venezuela for smuggling antiquities and gold.This involved the military and wife of the President. It brought down the national government. This international controversy involved the President of The University of Michigan who is now a key Board Member for Dow Chemical.

Another more recent veterans controversy involves severe Gulf War Syndrome which appears to be linked to the experimental Anthrax vaccine given to all military personnel for Gulf War II. This vaccine was produced by the Michigan Dept. of Health In Lansing. The vaccine production was supervised by the Dept. of Microbiology and Public Health at Michigan State University. The vaccine was contaminated with Mycoplasma. The severe cases of Gulf War syndrome respond favorably to antibiotics which treat Mycoplasma infections. The Mycoplasma isolated from Gulf War veterans appear to be artificial and have gp120 protein attachments. The disease is transmissible. At least 36000 Gulf War vets have died. It appears to have spread to approx. 15% of the population in southern Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait and Jordan. That Dept. also has close ties to Dow. Many Dow biomedical scientists were trained there. I also have a MS in Microbiology and Public Health from MSU. My Master's thesis is closely related to dendritic cell technology which may bring a large scale cure for cancer and a new series of AIDS drugs. This has been published in major scientific journals worldwide including Nature and Wall Street Journal. There is much more to this story.

I have tried for months to contact Dow PR specialists and even the CEO of DOW. I was not able to even get the contact info for the Vice President of Dow who handles these questions.
I m looking forward to Dow's side of the story. I have tried to be fair and honest.

Your comments are appreciated.

Charles W. Stone
Dear Chris Dolan:

As a followup to my phone call today, I have attached three potential storys. Each is self explanatory! In addition I have a story about the failure of Reuters to cover these storys but the actions of a White Writer to fire my company and claim that I mafe an anthrax threat when I had just mentioned to her the failure of Reuters to cover the WW II era atomic story even when refered by a Japanese journalist Not only does this include historically important topics, it includes the origin of the Chinese and North Korean atomic programs. This has been covrered up by the media and the govt.. The key player is Peter Jennings at ABC News. He has also done an infomercial on CIPRO before the anthrax letters were mailed. This was covered up by Senator Lahey whose office received one of the letters.

Reuters is the largest Newservice Worldwide. In About Reuters its CEO Tom Glocer claims that he forced President Bush to setup a press conference on North Korea. In reality his newservice helped cover-up the whole WW II era story. This cover-up was carried out by Senator Leahy's office, One of two which received the letters!

Your consideration is appreciated.