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 Background - http://tavistockagenda.iwarp.com

Here is another example of problems with the pharm industry and the chemical industry. How those influence health care starting with the medical schools is a big part of my projects!
Regarding Tavistock let me classify the methods for mass control:
Simple public options like the increasing reliance of professional sporting events and major news events to divert attention away from the real agenda. From there we could go to public relations and advertising and more subtle efforts like those promoted by "Tavistock West" for influencing behavior and opinion. The filtering of public knowledge by the Federal Govt. by a pyramid of players from Henry "Super K" Kissinger to regular bureaucrats who sanitize the news and other public information. That is one key area that needs expansion. Or how do we prove it was the network of literally hundreds of groups worldwide are being influenced by Tavistock. From there we go to the medium tech modalities which include programmed learning, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, subliminal messaging and more. Much of this is most effective on approx. 20% of the population or more! Approx. 2% is cross brained and highly vulnerable. I am cross brained--right handed and left-eye dominant. I was able to stop smoking after listening to a $5 self-hypnosis tape in 1983. Since that time I have never had the urge and had been trying for years! Then we get in the more high tech areas of psychotronic warfare, microwave technology and the others. The best known example is the Soviet Woodpecker signal which started in 1976 and was powered by the Chernobyl reactor. Since that time many smaler systems have been developed! You have been dealing with many people who claim to be victims of microwave abuse. Then we can go to the multiple effects of MK Ultra and the use of stress to influence people. The extreme versions would include the various mind-controlled "Manchurian Candidates", couriers and others who have been mind controlled in a rigid obvious way! We could use the testimomy of some of these indiviuals and the supporting evidence. Then we could use the reported evidence that groups like MRU were involved in promoting high tech mind control in various ways. You mentioned the possible mind control used in the case of Dr. Bruce Ivins to induce suicidal behavior.
At the political level we could use the story of Peter Bourne and his use and study of stress to influence behavior. The entire Jimmy Carter Presidency could be used as an example of bringing chance by stressing society for example by 20% inflation and a lot more. The drug use and prescriptions written by Dr. Bourne is a visible symbol of much more. We could use the NIH supported institute at Emory University operated by his father for mind controll related activities and his father's role with SOE during WW II and MI 6 afterwards. Many of these functions were carried out by religion in the past. The green movement is reported to be a way to control society. The Founder of Green Cross Intl. is reported to have been the person designated to be the High Priestess of the New World Order by a well known writer! She was a key Special Assistant to Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan and has advised other Presidents.
Of course the role of Hollywood in influencing opinion is also vitally important. Many motion pictures do have a worthwhile message such as Clockwork Orange about Tavistock itself. However in a negative way the Federal Govt. can influence the media not to tell certain stories by use of Antitrust as many media groups are in violation od that good but vague Act first enacted in the 1870's by General William Tecumseh Sherman's brother, a Senator from Ohio. Since that time Antitrust law has been a major field in itself. Many major motion pictures of the past fifteen years involve revelations about alien contact for example "ET", cyborgs, dimensional technology and more more. These are most likely allowed to introduce the concept to the general public!
So these are a few of the ways in which mind control of various types occurs obviously we need to build on the way in which bureaucrats are mind controlled, The Institute for Social Research at Michigan is another example. Also a lot more can be done on the influence of PR and advertising. Other parts of MK Ultra like the use of Ritalin which has been in general use for years. We could even use the firebombing of Dresden and Hamberg during WWII as coming directly from Tavistock. The largest Federal case in MIchigan history was reportedly related to a key Tavistock staff ,ember. Of the there are the thousands of "shock troops" worldwide admitted by Kurt Lewin as those who have spread its influence. There was another more subtle effort in the early 1970's which has been much more influential. I suppose we could even include the social changes in Australia to create the "Beachbum" mentality in that country. Dr, Bourne, Sr was an Australian.