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Provenge Atrocity -- Health-care Reform -- Many more men die every year from end stage Prostate Cancer in the prime of life than from the total in Iraq and Afghanistan every year. The three year delay caused by two blatantly corrupt FDA panelists caused the deaths of approx. 10000 per year for 3 years or 30000 men in the prime of life! That is just one example of what should be reformed in medicine! Yet the media has taken the opposite course esp. The Washington Post! I have a detailed story!
Greatest Financial Crisis of the Century --- the US Govt allowed massive illegal naked stock shorting which helped bring down the stock market in the fall of 2008. Thousands f companies and hundreds of thousands of jobs were lost. Trillions of dollars have been lost from the world economy! Michael Milken was the key player along with Ivan Boesky and the Russian Mafia. Bernie Madoff was an associate. The SEC let it all happen! Its staffers have the goal of lucrative Wall Street jobs with many of the corrupt banks, hedge funds et al involved with the illegal activity!
Climate Gate --- Green Cross Intl.--- The Green Cross Intl.(GCI) was an intrusion of "the Global Conspiracy" in the environmental movement. Its founder, Pat McCune, fits the description by the world famous writer Jerry Smith in his book HAARP, for The High Priestess of The New World Order!   GCI is an example of a very good idea being subverted to suit those behind the global warming movement including Al Gore and Mikhail Gorbachev. Climate Gate is exposing the corruption of this process and much more!
FBI-Justice Dept. Corruption --- The linchpin of the US Federal Govt. is the Justice Dept.. Its best known agency is the FBI. Corruption of those two agencies is esp. serious. A series of cases going back to the 1970's is exposed including the largest Federal case in Michigan history. The well intentioned but vague Sherman Anti-Trust Act is used as the method of controlling the media to prevent examples of questionable Federal Govt. activity from being exposed. At the same time the Justice Dept. overlooks widespread corruption in the media. The corrupt process gets us coming and going!  The Buckley Act has been similarly perverted to help cover-up campus crime. Another good law perverted by a corrupt Federal Government!
Media Corruption --- Corruption of the media is the facilitating factor in government corruption of all types. If the problems are not exposed, nothing happens. An honest media is the lifeblood of an honest government. It is obvious this is not happening! Examples are provided from local newspapers including Michael Moore's home town to the Washington National Press Club to Reuters, the world's largest news service. A formerly respected profession has become very corrupt! This process goes back to the era of the Don Bolles era.
Other Green Or Environmental Scams--- There have been major scams over the past 25-30 years which have been very costly and damaging. One of the best examples is the $3 Trillion asbestos abatement scam robbing large amounts of money that could be better spent. There is no adequate replacement and its removal is a dangerous dirty business with heavy organized crime involvement. To a lesser degree lead paint and other lead remediation programs are partially dishonest. Now that we need a massive effort for mold remediation the money is gone. Who knows how many cases of asthma and other serious illnesses are related to the presence of mold. It is real and serious problem not only linked to the inner city but even the most posh neighborhoods have serious problems.
Hiroshima Revenge Cover up---One of the key causes of the rapid growth in atomic technology throughout the world is the Hiroshima revenge story. Iran has already tested a rocket which could be shot from a freighter for example off the East Coast to cause an electromagnetic pulse which could ruin modern Western civilization esp. the USA. Millions of deaths would result from loss of modern technology! The US Government is not doing enough to stop the process! In fact it has covered-up the WW II efforts of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Those programs were much more advanced than the accepted version of WW II history allows. It also includes the origin of the North Korean and Chinese atomic programs. Both f those have contributed to the Pakistan and Iranian programs and more! So the consequences are very serious. 
Atomic Fallout ---- Not only has the Federal Govt. covered up its role in the WW II atomic story and that of its opponents, there has been a massive and evil cover-up of the effects of fallout from the questionable and disastrous atomic tests of the 1940's, 50's and 60's. At least 250,000 members of the military were exposed for questionable reasons. The fallout was well documented and obvious going back to the 1950's. It has been estimated that its effect was approx. 200 times that of the Chernobyl accident in the Ukraine!  Who knows how many cases of thyroid cancer just to mention one example resulted. The original cover-up was carried out by the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at that time, Warren Burger. He of course became the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. His "Minnesota Twin" followed him and died in office from Thyroid cancer. Who knows it real cause?
Kooks, Flunkeys and Half Wits  --- The political process is littered with these types of characters from John Wilkes Booth, the Lincoln assassin to the current crop of bureaucratic hangers-on who claim to be preventing a new Adolph Hitler. However, we know that Hitler was a result of a political process starting with Tavistock and his ancestry as an illegitimate Rothschild to the insane horror of WW I and the onerous conditions imposed on Germany leading to a ruined Weimar Republic and the treatment of a young Hitler by the German police and system which created an insane monster who probably had a version of Parkinson's Disease which caused insanity going back to his 30's! In fact the current crop of flunkey's in government resemble those abuses in Weimar Germany. Of course the country would have been better off had Abraham Lincoln survived and the Radical Republicans had not imposed Reconstruction on the defeated South much like the onerous conditions imposed on Nazi Germany.



How the Media has Misled America about a series of Atomic Cover-ups from WW II to the Present Day and Why these Questions are Important to the General Public:

This includes overwhelming evidence about both Imperial Japan’s and Nazi Germany’s Atomic Programs and the Cover Up by the US Government! This reveals detailed documentation from the National Archives and other sources and a series of ground breaking books going back to 1980 in the USA, Japan, Germany and other countries. I have published on this topic in Japan and Russia. My first 1996 story was carried by the North Korean News Service. Why the US government Cover-up been a Major Factor in the Hiroshima Revenge Story and much more! North Korea and Iran are making significant progress in carrying out that Revenge!

The Role of the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC) in post WW II atomic studies.

All radiation standards are based on these studies and modernized versions known as the Bier Reports by the National Academy of Sciences. The original studies were carried by US Govt. experts and former Members of Unit 731, the infamous Imperial Japanese Army Biological Warfare Unit. This effort was lead by Dr. James Neel, a pioneer in human genetics. He was a key player in the 1990’s scandal which exposed the largest fraud in anthropology. This was covered up by the media, The University of Michigan and the Federal Government. Later developments included an effort to develop an independent zone larger than FARC in Columbia in Venezuela for extraction of gold and antiquities! Dr. Neel was an important pioneer also in the Human Genome Project!

The Atomic Veterans Cover-Up

Among the largest in US history, much of this has never been covered by the media and has been among the most evil and cynical political games in Washington from the 1950’s through the present day! From the early role of Warren Burger, the future Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court to the role of Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Defense in this effort illustrates the deep seated corruption and degeneracy of the Federal Government. A totally unreported “Karen Silkwood” character is mentioned for the first time! All of this actually further discredited atomic energy! Now that much improved technology is available atomic energy remains underused in the USA as compared to France and Japan! Both the FBI and Justice Dept. tied to frame for murder an investigative writer who tried to expose this story! This has been proven by an A&E Cold Files case and a lot more including the book Blood Justice published by St. Martin’s Press!

The Media Cover-up

For a number of years the late Peter Jennings was recognized as the key media gate keeper in New York. He actually was part a documentary by the leading Revisionist historian at MIT on the WW II era atomic story. This is a key part in the Hiroshima Revenge movement! Peter Jennings also did an infomercial for CIPRO BEFORE the anthrax letters were sent. The anthrax scare saved the producer of CIPRO even though much better and cheaper alternatives are easily available and known! When confronted with these stories and the failure of Reuters to cover the real story the Acting White House Correspondent for the world’s largest news service claimed the real investigative writer made an anthrax threat to her. This same Reuters Correspondent was allowed to present the second question at the first Obama press conference! These are just some of the most blatant examples. The CEO of Reuters has refused to take any action! This is the same writer who was framed in the atomic veterans cover-up!

How the Buckley Act was Perverted to Cover Up Campus Crime!

In 1974 then Senator James Buckley sponsored a good law to help bring accountability, fairness and constitutionality to the education system from elementary school through graduate and professional school. Universities were compelled to provide their reasons for academic actions and the actual documents. A major weakness of the law was that Federal Funding would be withdrawn from Universities violating the law! Much more serious problems were added by US Department of Education regulations which allowed Universities to use the privacy part of the law to cover-up campus crime up to and including murder! This obviously helped create to circumstances for the Virginia Tech shootings. Virginia Tech also abused the family members of the victims during the settlement process. The DC lawyer who profited from the case also abused a key investigative journalist.

The Destruction of the Financial System Leading to a $15 Trillion Loss Worldwide

The world is still in shock about the series of financial frauds which have devastated the world economy. Yet the media refuses to tell the true story about naked stock shorting and its key role in the stock market crash! The full true story has been well documented by a professional group of bloggers. It was not a market event but a deeply criminal act. The SEC had numerous warnings of naked stock shorting and related frauds yet no action was taken. This includes the continued licensing of the key player in the largest stock fraud in thirty years. This earlier case also involved major Iran Contra figures and Adnan Khashoggi, an infamous financial player! A key investigative writer was almost murdered by the key player and an associate during a business trip to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. The case also involved a self-described playmate for Senator Daschle’s staff. Another key part of the financial collapse involved toxic mortgages and their creation by the Federal Government to expand homeownership especially for minorities! This well intentioned effort was allowed to continue for far too long! The protective efforts of key lobbyists and lawyers in Washington played a key role along with profits for Wall Street! Independent efforts to use common sense ways to solve the crisis were ignored for multi-Trillion Dollar bailouts. Our children’s and grandchildren’s futures have been leveraged for questionable bailouts! Common sense efforts to solve the problem had no chance! These key stories have not been covered in this way by the media!



Shangri-la et al

During the 1930’s there was intense interest in Central Asia and Mongolia. This was symbolized by the book Shangri-la. Both the US Government and Nazi Germany had special missions in that region. The US Mission was led by Nicolas Roerich, a Russian artist and mystic. There was great controversy about this mission. It cost Henry Wallace a shot at the Presidency. Recently substantial interest has been shown in this time and topic. We have unique excerpts from the diary of FDR confidant and US Military Intel articles about the ritual suicide and more of Mongolians in Berlin at the end of WW II. What found there? Some of FDR’s most closely help items relate to the period. He apparently was following the course of WW II from the predictions found in a book from that region. It appears that ancient texts also were coded models for advanced technology! Did this help the Manhattan Project ? Or has it all been hidden away like the Ark in Raider’s of the Lost Ark!!

Who Guard’s the Gate-Keepers??

A series of cases illustrate deep seated corruption in the US Dept. of Justice and Federal Judiciary. Several key cases are also linked to top law and medical schools! These go back to the early 1970’s and also involve a long time of the US Attorney’s Association. A Federal Appeals Judge with a long history of questionable activity has been protected for many years. An Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court is responsible for questionable activity in key cases. A key investigative writer was framed for murder involving the FBI’s most famous profile analyst. This has been shown on A&E Cold Files. Both the Justice Dept. and FBI went to great lengths to prevent access to the documents! Why have a Federal Judiciary if the protections are used to further a personal agenda! The great powers have been abused commonly and blatantly by a number of Officer’s of the Court and Justice Officials.

Treasury’s Failure

The only US Government Department still next to the White House is the Treasury Dept. In front is a statue of Alexander Hamilton who put the country on a good economic course along with President George Washington. The current Secretary has ignored independent advice, His actions as Treasury Secretary and his previous role as President of the New York Federal Reserve Board have led to the biggest government spending binge in US history. Future generations are saddled with enormous debts! A common sense approach could have solved the problems without the Trillions in added debt! Why has Treasury not been open to new ideas!

MK Ultra and Its Origins

The most notorious aspects of Allen Dulles CIA involved MK Ultra and multi-headed approach. Some parts have just recently been solved by independent researchers and scientists! Mind control technology is the most tightly held by the US Intel establishment. Much of this came from the work of Tavistock Institute in London. It was among many other functions the key mind control agency for MI 6 Intelligence! Tavistock started officially after WW I to treat British soldier’s suffering from severe battlefield shock. Its early work involved Sigmund Freud himself and sponsored by ranking Members of the Royal Family! During the 1930’s its mission changed greatly and became much darker. By the mid 1940’s it had become very powerful in British policy. It played a key role in the Rudolf Hess affair and in bringing about the Firebombing of Dresden and Hamburg. Over the years it has built a very powerful network in the USA! Some researchers believe it has even chosen the President!



The Bigger Chill

How the Federal Government and University have allowed the cover-up of several of the largest Federal cases in Michigan history! What these cases are linked to and why it is important!!! These cases go back to the 1970’s to the present day! Related topics:

The Buckley Act, Atomic Veterans, Role of Foundations, Chemical Companies and Medical Schools, Gross Misuse of the FBI and Justice Dept., Corruption in The Federal Judiciary and Justice Dept., Phone Tapping Linked to Federal Employees, the Legal Basis for the ill fated Clinton Health Care Plan, Efforts to Frame for Murder Investigative Writers, The James Neel Fraud, Student Loan Abuse and muck more!

This is well documented by investigative books, newspaper articles, A&E Cold Files, Investigative Reports! It is long past due that the truth about these important topics be made public!

What Kind of Change?

The Obama Administration has pledged change! Here is a sample of the past actions of key players and media partners:

US Attorneys --- How the US Attorney System was used to help discredit George W. Bush! How the same US Attorney was used in the Daley-Obama dirty work prosecution of Governor Blagovich? How the long term President of the US Attorneys Association is linked to similar sordid cases.

Senator Tom Daschle and a bizarre Financial Fraud involving a playmate of his Staff Members and a convicted Top Stock Fraud Person linked to Michael Milkmen. Naked Stock Shorting is the real cause for the collapse of the stock market!

The Shocking apparent Protection of these People by the SEC and FBI! The warning given by Christopher Byron in the Red Herring article:

Kiosks, Cocaine and Khashoggi in the 2002 period!

His New SEC Chairperson and her Links to past Frauds involving the CFTC in her role as its General Counsel! This includes the type of options crooks who steal the life savings from Little Old Lady Schoolteachers!

The Role of Key Associates in the Subprime Mortgage Fraud going back to the Clinton Years! This includes important Lobbyists and Lawyers in DC!

Real Healthcare Reform

The Lack of a Coordinated Effort to Bring Real Healthcare Reform starting with Medical Schools! More efficient technologies have been suppressed since at least the 1930’s! How the Clinton Plan Really Stopped Real Reform for at Least 15 Years! How this is Linked to the Federal Government! The Healthcare System is clearly not Working for the Users or those paying the Bills (Corporate America)! How the Real Cause of Many Diseases has been Obscured!

Alternative Truth Commission

Senator Patrick Leahy has proposed a Truth Commission like that carried out by President Mandela in South Africa! Let’s look at an Alternative Effort based on Many Media Frauds relating to the Real Problems! This would range from the atomic fraud used against Scooter Libby to the Real Anthrax Story to the real Gulf War Syndrome Story! The Real Series of Frauds that Brought Obama to Office! The Lack of Eligibility of Obama for the US Presidency! Links to Questionable Figures in Chicago! The Role of George Soros and an Obscure Saudi Billionaire in his 2008 Campaign! How his Extended Campaign Prevented Needed Action esp. on the Economy!

The Federal Judiciary

How the Constitutional Protections for the Federal Judiciary has been used to pervert the Real Reasons for their Privileges! This includes top US Supreme Court Justices:

Earl Warren – for his Role in the Confiscation of Nisei Homes and Businesses and Sequestration in Camps During WW II

Warren Burger – For his Role in the evil Atomic Veterans and Down winders Cover-up going Back to the 1950’s including his Role as the Asst. US Attorney General for Civil Rights!

John Paul Stevens -- For long history of camouflaging his real actions starting with his perversion of the Buckley Act and its Role in Campus Crime! His Long Role in Antitrust Law and How that Type of Law has Perverted the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and How that Act has been used to Intimidate Media Groups and Stop Real Journalism. He has the largest number of decisions of any US Supreme Court Justice in history. His limited authority as an appointed Bureaucrat of an appointed President of an Impeached President!

Many other cases involving District and Appeals Judges!



The Green Environmental Scam----Asbestos Abatement


Perhaps nothing symbolizes the greed and hypocrisy of the environmental movement, the legal profession and the media more than the asbestos abatement scam.  From its start in the 1980’s to the present day the monetary cost is approx. $3 Trillion. The same politicians and interest groups who complain about poor schools etc. were prime movers in this massive green scam. Major players are The New Yorker Magazine, the unions and a key number of politicians in Washington. There has never been shown to be a school child who developed asbestosis or asbestos related cancer! Yet thousands of asbestos workers have been and are still being damaged. Ironically no adequate substitute for asbestos has been found. Selective removal in severe cases and stabilization with sprays are all that is needed. This should be one aspect of a real reform in education, law, the media and politics!



  The Green Cross Story


An early green movement over twenty years ago was the Green Cross International. The story of its development and growth is very interesting. Starting with an LA based former White House aide and Hollywood executive to President Gorbachev to the current owners it has reached millions. The exclusive story is provided by the original developer, Ms. Patricia McCune.



The Commerce Story


Nothing illustrates the difficulty in changing or replacing an entrenched bureaucracy in Washington better than the Commerce Dept. epic! It headquarters is in a huge 1920’s bureaucratic building along Pennsylvania Avenue not far from the White House.  President Ronald Reagan realized the country needed something better to promote and help grow international trade. As a major part of this effort The Ronald Reagan International Trade Building was built. The process took 12 years, cost approx. $1Billion and produced the second largest Federal Building. Even after that arduous effort it was filled up with more bureaucrats and is a White Elephant. We see the major Commerce Dept. imbroglios in the news but a lot more goes unreported! A number of local story are included.



The Gatekeepers, Bureaucrats and Rogues 



During the George W. Bush years it became obvious that the President had very little help inside or outside of the government. Most of his unpopularity came from the Iraq War. Yet very little press coverage was given to the real causes. First, the President was difficult to reach even by groups like The Heritage Foundation. Secondly the international cooperation was poor esp. from Turkey and other Islamic countries. Not enough troops were available to provide adequate policing. The CIA, State Dept. and other US Govt. agencies were uncooperative and even sabotaged the war. The media coverage was beyond the pale.  Efforts to provide key information were misrouted by the gatekeepers in The White House staff.   The UN was at odds with the war effort. Its oil for food program was highly corrupt and helped provide the cash for Iraq to fight back with improvised weapons! The US military was too far behind the curve in developing weapons, tactics etc suitable for the type of warfare. It had been known for years that this type of warfare was coming! Some aspects of the opposition including prosecution of Scooter Libby were vile. Very little attention has been paid to these issues!  



Corporate Governance and Public Corruption



The decline of industrial America can be illustrated best in the heartland of the Midwest and blatant public corruption associated with it! This story illustrates these problems in a series of cases going back to the early 1970’s.  The largest Federal case in Michigan history is not the Jimmy Hoffa case but the Ann Arbor VA Hospital case.  That sordid case was linked to at least one Buckley Act case and involves several international corporations, a long term President of the US Attorneys association. Two major Universities with leading law and medical schools play an important role along with apparent “Jock Jablonsky” murder of a key player. The role of not only US executives but also Australian Executives at these companies have never been made public. These are important in their own right and how it affects the healthcare system!



 Don Bolles et al


In the mid 1970’s several nationally important cases were  important in limiting real investigative journalism and illustrate deep seated corruption in the American system. The first case, the Ann Arbor VA Hospital case has been implicated in academic and Federal corruption. The Don Bolles story involved the silencing of a leading organized crime writer in Arizona. He was blown up with his car on a false lead in Phoenix and died sometime later. His car was recently put on display at The Newseum in Washington, DC! The sordid Ann Arbor case was abruptly taken from front page news around the end of 1977. Yet its later linked to much bigger issues were ignored and worse! An investigative journalist was framed by the FBI for murder in his efforts to bring these questions to light. When finally solved by The Michigan State Police the true story was deliberately deleted by A&E Cold Files. This same group produced a notorious documentary about the Vincent Foster murder!