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13,000 words: Psychotronics, Conspiracy, MKUltra, MRU, MRF, Atomic Secrets, more

Prepared exclusively for Nexus Magazine


Interview with The Washington Tiger, Charles Stone
A Report from the Red, White and Wild Blue Yonder

By Iona Miller, 3/2005

Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU) * Mankind Research Foundation (MRF) * MK Ultra * Black Gold * Due Process * Holocaust Connection * Lector Release * Missing Atomic Secrets * Washington Connection * Asbestos * US Navy Helicopter and Aircraft Development * Largest Commodities Fraud in US History * Technology Suppression/Stealth Technology * Atomic Veterans * Mycoplasma

INSIDE MRU[Founded in 1972], an obscure District of Columbia corporation called Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Systems Consultants Inc. (SCI), operated a number of classified intelligence, government and Pentagon contracts, specializing in, amongst other things: "problem solving in the areas of intelligence, electronic warfare, sensor technology and applications." MRU's "capability and experience" is divided into four fields. These include "biophysics -- Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields," "Research in Magneto-fluid Dynamics," "Planetary Electro-Hydro-Dynamics" and "Geo-pathic Efforts on Living Organisms." The latter focuses on the induction of illness by altering the magnetic nature of the geography. Also under research were "Biocybernetics, Psychodynamic Experiments in Telepathy," "Errors in Human Perception," "Biologically Generated Fields," "Metapsychiatry and the Ultraconscious Mind" (believed to refer to experiments in telepathic mind control), "Behavioural Neuropsychiatry," "Analysis and Measurement of Human Subjective States" and "Human Unconscious Behavioural Patterns."

Employing some old OSS, CIA and military intelligence officers, the company also engages the services of prominent physicians and psychologists including E. Stanton Maxey, Stanley R. Dean, Berthold Eric Schwarz, plus many more. MRU lists in its Company Capabilities "brain and mind control." (15) Despite vehement claims by MRU's chairman that it is not a "front organization for any branch of the United States Government..." (16) one must treat these claims with a great deal of skepticism.

A subsequent CIA directive, summerized in a brochure on the "Cybernetic Technique" distributed by Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU), a research front in the District of Columbia, gleefully discusses the Agency's development of a "means by which information in modest rate can be fed to humans utilizing other senses than sight or hearing." The Cybernetic Technique, "based on Eastern European research," involves beaming information to individual nerve cells. The purpose, the directive states, is the enhacement of mental and physical performance. The cyborg was born.

In order to keep MKULTRA from being easily detected, the CIA segmented its subprojects into specialized fields of research and development at universities, prisons, private laboratories and hospitals. Of course, they were rewarded generously with government grants and miscellaneous funding. The names and locations of some of the major institutions involved in MONARCH programming experimentation were/are: Cornell, Duke, Princeton, UCLA, University of Rochester, MIT, Georgetown University Hospital, Maimonides Medical Center, St. Elizabeth's Hospital (Washington D.C.), Bell Laboratories, Stanford Research Institute, Westinghouse Friendship Laboratories, General Electric, ARCO and Mankind Research Unlimited. Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan-Sirhan, Charlie Manson, John Hinckley Jr., Mark Chapman, David Koresh, Tim McVeigh and John Salvi are some notable names of infamy, strongly suspected of being pawns who were spawned by MKULTRA.

I would deduce that MRU (Mankind Research Unlimited) must be involved with the development of mind control technology & illness inducing techniques. Also, these technologies must be used by these invisible personnel of surveillance station/system. That's because this company first researched the area in Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields and the" latter focuses on the induction of illness by altering the magnetic nature of the geography" is obviously involved with invisible personnel to induce illness from surveillance station/system. "Also under research were, "Metapsychiatry and the Ultraconscious Mind" (believed to refer to experiments in telepathic mind control), "Behavioural neuropsychiatry," “Analysis and Measurement of Human Subjective States" and "Human Unconscious Behavioural Patterns" could be used by invisible operatives as mind control technologies & techniques to mind control others. (Source) "Some Aspects of Anti-Personnel Electromagnetic Weapons" by David G. Guyatt, (3/8/96)

I (Weberman) first learned of MRU in 1972 from a young friend, Ronnie Sunshine, who knew Dr. Stanley Krippner, then Chief Researcher at the "Dream Laboratory" of Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn, and Vice-President of the Soviet-American Association for Psychotronic Research. Dr. Krippner told my friend that he had returned from the Soviet Union with a schematic drawing for a " Kirlian Device" given to him by a colleague there. A "Kirlian Device" reportedly photographed electrochemiluminescence, an as yet undefined energy field which allegedly surrounds living matter and is sometimes referred to as the "human aura.” According to Krippner, "The U.S. government had information on Kirlian, photography in 1959, but released it only to Rand, the Air Force, etc. It wasn't until I went to the USSR and brought back the blueprints personally that this information was made available to the general public."

Krippner gave a copy of the schematic to my friend Ronnie Sunshine who then assembled such a camera and began some experiments with it. Shortly thereafter, he stopped by my office to tell me that he had been contacted by some very strange dudes: "They are either Martians or CIA agents. They call themselves Mankind Research, Unlimited. Whoever they are they want my schematic and they want it bad." The minute I heard the Russians were involved I told Sunshine, "It's the f-ing Agency and we're going to do a number on them."

The man who wanted the schematic was Paul Sauvin, who, we later learned, was MRU's expert "specializing in the detection and analysis of life energy emissions." According to the MRU materials his research dealt with thought-controlled devices and psychokinetic switches. Ronnie Sunshine told this researcher that some of Sauvin's switches were allegedly activated when Sauvin had an orgasm. Although the MRU brochure indicates that this research was directed toward the development of prosthetic devices for the severely disabled, the military's interest in a trigger which could be actuated by thinking the command to fire was obvious.

Ronnie Sunshine met with Sauvin, indicated his interest, and hinted at his willingness to part with the Kirlian schematic, but asked if he could visit MRU's headquarters in Washington. Sauvin agreed, and in early 1973 Yippie Sunshine drove to Washington and went there late in the afternoon to see MRU Director Carl Schliecher. Without much difficulty my agent succeeded in talking Schleicher into letting him crash at the MRU offices, during which he "inspected" the available files and stole a number of documents, all of which he subsequently sold me in return for a video camera given to me by Tom


Charles Stone recently came to us unsolicited, online, out of the virtual wild blue yonder claiming to have been the Deputy to Dr. Carl Schleicher (deceased 1999) at Mankind Research Foundation (MRF). The only proof he has offered is an affidavit from his lawyer which remains to be seen.

This organization succeeded its parent company Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc. (MRU), an East Coast version of SRI. He calaims he worked with the Foundation for six years (1987-1992), investigating and learning psychotronics, but he doesn’t seem well-versed in the subject.

Psychotronics is the Czechoslovak term for what became parapsychology in the United States. The Russians called it biocommunication. The very first Psychotronics Conference toook place in Prague in 1973. Richard Alan Miller presented his “Holographic Concept of Reality”, and was recruited by Schleicher for MRU.

Milan Ryzl, a Czech scientist who emigrated to the US, defined biocommunications as a science concerned with the human capability of obtaining and interpreting information from other than the recognized "normal" senses. The Russians divided it into bioinformation and bioenergetics. The first deals with the means of obtaining information through the senses, the later with the energetic effects produced by humans on other matter. The multi-disciplinary field of biocommunications includes the sciences of bionics, biophysics, psychophysics, psychology, physiology neuropsychiatry, cybernetics and systems engineering.

Stone’s credentials for such a job are still unclear to me. Now, he says he is a financial consultant, investigative writer, and tour guide. Curiously, he can’t produce any writing for me to review beyond brief snipets. I haven’t seen any publications or press to support that statement. Even the most sluggish agent could surely fabricate some.

MRU has been accused of being many things, so I had to wonder if Stone was a MIB, a Spook, a Mole, or perhaps the scariest -- a Wild Card player. MRU is infamous in the lore of conspiracy theories, in particular for mind control. Disinformation on the subject is rife.

But how would it conduct mind control experiments which allegedly stopped around 1970 when it wasn’t founded until 1972? For example, MK Ultra is allegedly implicated in brainwashing Lee Harvey Oswald, but of course both assassinations took place in the early 60’s. If Carl “invented the cyborg”, an entity that can be externally triggered, it was long before MRU, which was based on the material Ostrander and Schroeder brought back from the Soviets. Carl never compensated them for it. They offered their material with the proviso it be used only for the good. Sure, in an “ideal world”. Once released there was no way to control the chain of distribution, beyond MRU to its contractors.

In an arguable sense, we are all prime time victims of “Fear Media,” semi-automated cyborgs, according to media ecologist Bob Dobbs (3/15/05).

“[Marshall] McLuhan occasionally pointed out that we had already been cyborgs for several centuries. The conceptual roots of this fact were first in Newton and Leibniz ("psychological automatism"), then "biological automatism" (post-Newtonian/Leibnizian botany, biology, and geology). This is best summed up in THE INTERIOR LANDSCAPE, pp.145-55. In his review of Burroughs (1964), MM explains the death of the latter automatism and its replacement by media automatism (see also his and Powers' THE GLOBAL VILLAGE (1989), p.129ff). But will Derrick's new book offer an "original" solution to the Android Meme's semi-automatism?”

Schleicher publically maintained that MRU was a private company which sought small government grants for research and that the Mission Statements of it and MRF were aimed toward developing strictly peaceful applications. Still, Stone seems to take the expose seriously. He did not fully grasp the situation during the time he worked there. He may not have the Big Picture, yet. Perhaps because like all PsiOps tales, that is a muddy picture, indeed. Much of it remains couched in Mystery.


MRU obtained several modest government research contracts for feasibility studies in certain human engineering and psychosomatic evaluations. As cache, it offered as principle investigators some of the leading scientists in the fields of biocybernetics, biophysics, bionics, biocommunications, psychophysics, psychology, neuropsychiatry, health and welfare research, human systems engineering, and related scientific disciplines. The MRU stable of talent and professional staff possessed either advanced graduate degrees or doctorate degrees. It was essentially a thinktank, like Rand.

Dr. Carl Schleicher, MRU Research and Development Director was a specialist in biocybernetics research, experienced in the analysis and evaluation of foreign scientific developments. After graduating from the U. S. Naval Academy (B.S. Electrical Engineering) in 1956, he served as a Naval line officer specializing in operations research and linguistics. He received his M.A. in political Economics from the University of Cologne, West Germany, where he was engaged in advanced study at the Universities of Bonn, West Germany and Lund, Sweden. He was a Ph.D. candidate in the Technology of Management at American University.

Before joining the staff of SCI, he was an Operations Research Analyst and R&D Engineer at the Marine Corps Development Center in Quantico, Virginia. His later work included design and development of a management system for assessing R&D projects to determine priorities, and in bionics, biocommunications, and cybernetic software systems. Schleicher had considerable management experience in both the military and industry, and also served as a management sciences consultant.

The MRU mission statement was basically to provide an organization for scientific research, development and application of biocommunications, biocybernetics, bionics, biophysics, superlearning, and other activities impacting the welfare of mankind. Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc. (MRU) claimed unique capabilities for collection, analyzing and evaluating scientific and technological developmental data (both U.S. and foreign). It offered customers assistance in determining the impact of biocommunication and behavioral science applications in their area of control, interest or responsibility.


Schleicher founded MRU because, “For many months I have heard the comment made, 'fishy our government doesn’t support research in parapsychology areas, as they do in Eastern Europe." It is likely these comments originated with the original MRU sources, Ostrander & Schroeder. “. . .Acting on this message, we in MRU were inspired to attempt to inquire into this. We have found that the government can, and will, support research in these areas, if such research is properly communicated to them, provides a beneficial use of tax-payers' funds, and is conducted by responsible organizations. MRU stands ready to assist any other group to obtain funds for their programs, should they so request it from us.”

Carl said he wanted to further and develop the works of suppressed, maligned or unappreciated researchers on the "frontiers of science". These researchers and pioneers, included: Harold S. Burr, Ph.D.; F.S.C. Northrop, Ph.D.; Leonard J. Ravitz, M.D.; Wilhelm Reich, Ph.D.;R. B. Amber, D.C.; H. Motoyama, Ph.D.;Oscar Brunler, Ph.D.; Galen Hieronymus; Gen. Henry M. Gross; Verne Cameron; John Shelley; Ambrose and Olga Woorrall, Ph.D.; Harold Sherman; Townsend Brows; R. Abrams, M. D;.Ruth Drone; Carey Reams, D.N.; Buckminster Fuller; Nikola Tesla, D.Sc.; Yogi Bhajan; Henry and John Foray; K. Raudive, Ph.D.; Ingo Swann; S. W.Tromp, Ph.D.; L. L. Vasiliev, Ph.D.; Karl von Reichenbach, Ph.D.; Walter Russell, Ph.D.; Gopi Krishna; Gustaf Stromberg; Jose Silva; Edgar Cayce; Cleve Backster.

MRU’s own brochure claimed specialties in the following:

Validation of the current state-of-the-science in various foreign countries, identification of the research capabilities of foreign laboratories and experimenters.

Definition of techniques and methodology for data validation or potential direct evaluation and application.

Determination of technological "state-of-the- art" implications, preparation of technological forecasts and assessments.

Definition of systems which improve man's relationship to his environment.

Determination of potential health implications, and innovative causal or preventive medical research.

Determination and identification of specific user requirements,

Determination of educational/teaching implications,

Development of a program for further investigations based on the particular users requirements.

Tasking areas included:

man-machine cybernetic interactions,
special sensory biophysical activities,
brain and mind control,
telepathic communications or bioinformation transceiving,
bioluminescent and bioenergetic emissions,
effects of altered states of consciousness on the human psyche,
improvement of human performance via bio-feedback techniques,
innovative therapy/prosthetic/diagnostic techniques,
environmental effects upon biological (human) systems,
infrasonic and ultrasonic effects upon biological systems,
geopathogenic factors which induce illness.

MRU explored the interaction of mind and body, or energy and matter. It brought together many of the leading scientists and experimenters in the multidisciplinary field of biocommunications which includes the sciences of bionics, bio-physics, psychophysics, psychology, physiology, neuropsychiatry, cybernetics and systems engineering. He got the help of notables such as ESP expert hypnotist Milan Ryzl, and remote viewer Ingo Swann, among others.

In the early 1970s, physicist Richard Alan Miller also worked for Schleicher under the Mankind Research Unlimited umbrella, closing the gap between the physical and the metaphysical. Physicist Miller was the Northwest Regional Director of MRU. Rick was tasked with looking at anomolous phenomena, such as Kirlian photography, bioluminescence, psychotronics, biofeedback, electrophotography, distance healing, acupuncture and psychic surgery to determine if there was any merit for future strategic studies. In 1974, MRU produced Miller’s "Bioluminescence, Kirlian Photography and Medical Diagnostics". It closely followed his 1972 paper on “The Physical Mechanisms of Kirlian Photography”.

Miller wrote the field theory for Kirlian photography; these experiments showed the effect to be a secondary emission of electrons ionizing local gases, rather than a bioluminescent phenomenon of extrasensory or spiritual importance. People were pre-disposed to see physical demonstrations of so-called auras, and so they attributed the phenomenon to this traditional analog, because it served their belief system. This effect also can occur among researchers where it is known as experimenter-bias. However, even when Miller's finding was published as "The Physical Mechanisms in Kirlian Photography" in 1975 in The Energies of Consciousness, edited by Dr. Stanley Krippner and David Rubin for Gordon & Breach, the superstitious interpretations continued, and continue to this day.

According to Stan Krippner and Daniel Rubin's (1972) Galaxies of Life, researchers are divided in their evaluation of the Kirlian phenomena. Some call the manifestation "corona discharge," believing that the technique only reveals commonplace electrical occurrences while others conceive of radiation field photography as revealing the "bioplasma body" or aura. According to Viktor Adamenko, a Russian scientist (c 1970s), the discharge is the cold emission of electrons.

Other contributors to these Krippner books included Edgar Mitchell, William A. Tiller, John Pierrakos, Theodore Barber, David Bresler, and James Hurtak. This work was also published as part of Kirlian Electrophotography, a data package prepared by MRU. Miller's contribution was the Kirlian Device Circuit Diagram.

Miller was the Northwest Regional Director of Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU), the Washington D.C. based paranormal phenomena investigation team. He worked under the direction of Dr. Carl Schleicher. A large portion of the work of Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama was turned over to Miller, including original strip-charts. His experiments in psychokinesis showed one person's mind influencing the body of another, in the same and in remote locations. Miller also brought the problem of psychic surgery to Dr. Motay, Dean of Pathology at the UW. This incident was recounted in The National Observer, March 30, 1974:

"Richard Miller, director of Mankind Research Unlimited's Northwest Regional Office here says that a study by the University of Washington's Dept. of Pathology showed that one man, Warder Bacon, probably had his body entered by the psychic surgeons. 'An X-ray before he left for the Philippines shows that he had a great amount of cancerous tissue in his liver,' says Miller. 'He died about two months ago, and the liver showed no traces of cancerous tissues upon autopsy.' He says that not enough is known about the healers to make a positive or negative statement.

It certainly warrants a definitive study, says Miller, who also is director of the Dept. of Parapsychology and Paraphysics at the Experimental College of the University of Washington."

Czech Visa 1973Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Psychotronics; Prague, Czechoslovakia, Vol. 1, 1973

To this end, Miller conducted experiments with Filippino psychic "surgeon" Tony Agpaoa. Perhaps the results are best described in his own words, at this time those of a "true believer," although subsequent research has disclosed the sleight-of-hand tricks of psychic surgery, as shown by debunkers on the Discovery Channel.

The former article continued: "Psychic surgery is an emotional issue. There have been no authoritative studies of it. AMA statistics show, says Miller, that persons who have terminal cancer have a one-in-five recovery rate, even after the bad news is pronounced. The key will be to determine what percentage of persons who have been treated in the Philippines recover, says Miller, who adds that he is working to have a follow-up study started."Scientific progress is achieved not only by linear accumulation of knowledge but also by nonlinear paradigm shifts. These shifts are often forced by anomalous findings that cannot be incorporated in accepted models.

Two complementary methodological principles regulate this process: 1) Ockham’s Razor as the principle of parsimony and 2) Plato’s Life Boat as the principle of the necessity to ‘save the appearances’ and thus incorporate conflicting phenomenological data into extant theories. We have to review empirical data which are in conflict with some presuppositions of accepted mainstream science: Clinical and experimental effects of prayer and healing intention, data from telepathy, psychokinesis experiments and precognition, and anecdotal reports of macro-psychokinesis.

Collectively, this subject matter is called BLUE SKY RESEARCH.Taken together, the now well documented phenomena are anomalies that challenge some widely held beliefs in mainstream science. Scientists often fear that by accepting the reality of these phenomena they also have to subscribe to world-models invoking ontological dualism or idealism. We suggest accepting the phenomena as real, but without questionable ontologies commonly associated with them.


When Stone showed up out of the blue this year he pointed out that Schleicher had been accused in 1980 by A. J. Weberman of fronting the infamous CIA mind-control operation MK Ultra through MRU. Schleicher categorically denied it during his whole life. But isn’t this perhaps the very biocommunications the MRU brochure spoke of? However, he planned to sue over these defaming claims before his death in 1999.

Stone is ambivalent about these allegations due to his own watch at the Foundation. Most of what he saw he found of little interest, or so he says. He seems to have made enemies on both sides of the political fence, however. But that is another tale.

Currently, Stone is a financial consultant and free-lance investigative writer who offers unique tours of Washington D.C. from the inside-out while airing the dirty laundry of the Beltway Babylon. He has some exceptional inside sources and is passionate about finding the roots of his stories which range from WWII secrets to atomic veterans, to issues of due process.

Iona: You come from a notable historical family and have taken a strong interest in both history and politics. We both come from Revolutinary families, in my case as a direct descendant of Stephen Hopkins, oldest signer of the Declaration of Independence.

STONE: My first known ancestor in America was a Revolutionary War soldier who got a land grant in Western PA. He is listed as being from Ireland was a member of the 4th Maryland Regiment of The Continental Line. About 40% of Revolutionary War soldiers were from Ireland. According to recent books, this group was Scots-Irish (Presbyterian) in origin. The same books claim that the original meaning of Red Neck was " a Presbyterian". My Great Great Grandfather with my name Stone was one of the first mine union organizers in the Northern English coalfields. He and his two cousins had to leave in approx. 1861. So he is a historic figure in England. It does not acknowledge its history of White Slavery!

My father was the only known nuclear physicist to land at Omaha Beach. His field artillery observation battalion was the lead unit for the lead Army Corps (XII) for General Patton. One of his Sergeants became the Head of the New York Federal Reserve Board. The Chief of Staff for the XII, General Ralph Canine, became the founding Director of NSA. As you can tell, I am into a lot of history. I am living history. He later became a Colonel in the USAR and worked for General Motors.

Iona: In the course of your investigations you have pieced together some wicked untold stories and amplified some important historical footnotes.

STONE: I believe WW II was the first step in a plan to eliminate mankind. This
comes also from 1870's books about a superior race which lead to Naziism.

Iona: Are you talking about Goethe’s Uber-Mench or Superman; or perhaps you mean the breeding philosophy of Eugenics? Both were known influences.

STONE: In the World War II Era there were Japanese and German efforts to develop atomic weapons and other advanced technologies. This project led to atomic secrecy, Japanese and East Asian politics, US Cold War Foreign Affairs especially in the Far East, the origins of the international drug trade, the origins of the Korean and Vietnamese Conflicts and the Black Gold and other valuables looted from East Asia by Imperial Japan. The WW II era atomic information includes a 1944 article about creating an atomic implosion in a new way. I would say all are almost certainly true!

In addition, I discovered a newly found effort to bring European style Jewish concentration camps to Asia in Shanghai with a real life Dr. Mengele of the Far East. We have almost certain evidence that both Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany tested atomic devices. In the case of Germany the atomic terror device was allegedly tested in October 1944 prior to the Alamogordo test by The Manhattan Project.

This information has been suppressed by several US government departments and agencies including the DOE, NASA, CIA and DOD for reasons having no relation to national security. Mainstream media has refused to cover these topics which include the origin of both the North Korean and Chinese atomic programs. These remain the most important sources of political and military instability in Asia.

Nexus has published the story of Franklin Roosevelt's give away of atomic related materials to Russia during WW II. (Major Jordan's story, two articles). Jim Marrs reports personally interviewing the Japanese man who alerted FDR that the Japanese were already at sea to attack Pearl Harbor. Nexus has also published on ancient atomic warfare recently. The atomic story is linked to the Black Gold and other valuables looted from East Asia and the origins of the international drug trade.

Also the media did a good job in its cover-up. Peter Jennings at ABC News has played the lead role. He did an infomercial for CIPRO before the anthrax letters were mailed and continued to hype CIPRO throughout the Anthrax crisis even though there are cheaper and better drugs available. This was investigated by the US Senate Judiciary Cmte. then headed by by Senator Leahy. His staff covered it up. The media refuses to cover the story.

Meanwhile, the FBI and New York Times have persisted in trying to frame Dr. Hatfill. There was also someone on the MRF Board who was described as a terrorist and arrested with anthrax in Las Vegas. Again it is the bureaucrats and the media.

Iona: Are you suggesting this MRF board member was cast as a plant?

You speak of “the media” as if it were monolithic. I don’t think it is. You think it is leftist, and I know it is owned globally by a virtual corporate monopoly, certainly by plutocrats. But there are issues where we are on the same page. Thank heavens for the independent points of view, like Nexus. What do you think is the most important untold story of WWII that the international community should know?

STONE: From the WW II era of history comes perhaps the greatest secret of the US Government. Like many great secrets this has been covered up by the media and the US Government. These series of secrets include the Imperial Japanese and Nazi German atomic and rocket programs.

Regarding the WW II weapons of mass destruction topics. The work is based on documents from The National Archives. Since this is a very suppressed topic, the documents are not easy to find. The 1936 heavy water report was from that source. Books have been published in Japan, the USA, England, Germany and other countries. But the story has never been in any international magazine like NEXUS.

The two major articles were in World Affairs Weekly, a presigious Japanese magazine for decisionmakers by JiJi Press. These articles were covered througout Japan and Korea. The 1996 article was even covered by the North Korean News Service. I even offered to go to North Korea to find the cave and test site. I received a positive response from the North Korean mission at the UN. I wanted to do this in conjunction with a major Japanese media group. I carried the research further than anybody had done previously.

More recently information has been produced showing that Nazi Germany almost certainly had atomic terror devices made from a more efficient technology for implosion and fission. This includes very small mini-nukes. The first test occurred on Rugen Island in the Baltic in Oct 1944. There were probable land tests at Ohrdruf and Auschwitz in which up to 20,000 people were killed. This is open source information. I have sent it to a number of people and groups for evaluation. But nobody has produced a definitive answer. This could be used by terrorist groups, North Korea, et al since it is open source data.

I did send information on the book, Hitler's Terror Weapons by Geoffrey Brooks to the White House Chief of Staff. It got sent to the Dept. of Energy and buried. I will send a copy of the references and a chapter from the Brooks book. This changes nuclear history significantly with Nazi Germany being the winner of the atomic race. Not only that it is almost certain that the infra-red technology used for implosion was first develop by Germany. A deal was probably made to transfer the advanced German technology to the USA. So many PhD's, Nobel Prizes, reputations and even companies are based on Nazi work. Not very politically correct!

This does not even touch on the other weapons of mass destruction programs (biologic and chemical), the most infamous being Unit 731 and its cohorts. With the advent of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq we have seen history repeat itself. With the emergence in public knowledge of the North Korean, Pakistani, Indian, Iranian and Libyan atomic and rocket programs we are faced with a potential uncontrolled weapons of mass destruction era.

Starting by at least 1936, Japan had begun efforts to produce heavy water in northern Korea with its low cost hydroelectric power. Many minerals and ores useful in atomic programs including graphite, thorium and others are found. This effort took place at one of the largest industrial complexes in Asia at the time.

The descendent Japanese company is Japan Nitrogen. The complex at Konan (Hungnam) was a trial run or precursor of the MITI-run high tech miracle after WW II. There is almost certain evidence of the development of small crude atomic bombs by the private company, a latter-day industrial combine, the Imperial Japanese Navy and Yoshio Kodama, the future godfather of Japanese politics.

Japan had several atomic development programs. The most secret one run by the Imperial Navy was able to produce small crude atomic bombs at the Konan Complex. After the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings there was a test of a small device on an island near Konan proving the concept the day before WW II ended! The Konan complex was overrun by Soviet forces later the same day. Attempts were made to destroy the remaining bombs in a grotto and the atomic labs. However, the Soviets were able to capture enough technicians and repair the atomic facilities.

The underground Japanese and later Soviet-North Korean facilities were the start of the North Korean atomic program. In addition a number of Korean scientists were trained in Japan. During the Korean War there was a direct order by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to capture the atomic facilities and destroy the entire complex. It was part of the reason for the disasterous Chosin Reservoir Campaign, one of the worst defeats of the US Army. By straying too close to the Chinese border General MacArthur precipitated the involvement of the Red Chinese Army.

Between the surrender and the actual landings of US troops in August 1945 150 Japanese technicians and military officers were sent to Western China leading to the start of the Chinese atomic program. These two programs (North Korean and Chinese) are the driving force for political and military instability in Asia especially East Asia. North Korea esp. has played a major role in atomic and rocket development in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Libya, Syria and possibly other countries leading to a massive spread of atomic technology in unstable areas.

The danger of a regional or even worldwide atomic conflict has increased substantially. Most of the information has been in books, articles and other sources starting in the early 1980’s. It was known informally in military intelligence circles far earlier. Yet the important story has been totally ignored by the media.

In fact the chief gatekeeper for ABC News, Peter Jennings, has done a documentary with the chief revisionist historian at MIT. In addition Mr. Jennings did an infomercial for CIPRO BEFORE the anthrax letters were mailed and continued to hype it despite there being better and more effective therapies.

There is substantial evidence of atomic conflicts in ancient history including radioactive skeletons in India, vitrified stone forts in Scotland, large desert areas with sand turned to glass and even the story of Lot’s wife in the Bible. By failing to learn from the past the US government has cast a grave course for the future!

Iona: Amazingly, during the writing of this interview, the Korean Atomic Secrets story has broken on Reuters. This certainly confirms you were on the right track, and logically the herald of the story.
STONE: Reuters (3-12-05) claims their story caused President Bush to call an immediate Press Conference. Yet I presented the Japanese atomic story in 1996 or 97 to one of their Washington reporters. It was presented again to a second reporter in November 2004 who had my company fired claiming I was talking about anthrax. It was presented a third time to the Washington Bureau Chief in December 2004 or January 2005. No interest was shown! I also presented the Nazi atomic terror bomb story to the Bush Administration in early 2004 and got a very nice letter from the Chief of Staff. I have contacted their New York and London offices about these situations!

My story was published internationally in 1996 and 97 in World Affairs Weekly by JiJi Press in Japan. It was carried throughout Japan and Korea and carried by The North Korean News Service. There was also a series of articles with TASS News Service in Russia and an article in Moscow's top paper by the top journalist in Russia. (I think Carl would love this wherever he is!!)

Iona: You mention Unit 731. What is it and how did it relate to your investigation?

STONE: Almost immediately after US troops and officials landed in Japan in August 1945 efforts started to clean up the rubble and study the effects of the bombing on people both civilian and military. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians and military killed a small number of US POW’s were killed. A much larger number of US troops were exposed to substantial amounts of radiation while helping to clear the rubble. Later many developed skin lesions, etc. typical of radiation. Some became disabled. No compensation was provided.

Dr. James Neel was chosen from The Manhattan Project to head the radiation exposure studies, which became known as the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC). All modern radiation exposure standards are based on these studies. The Japanese team included many former members of Unit 731, the infamous biological warfare unit.

Other biological agents were used under the auspices of “water purification” throughout East Asia. There is some question about their activities especially in New Guinea. Kuru (allegedly originating in cannibalism), Mad Cow Disease and Alzheimer's appear to be the same thing! Kuru was discovered officially by Dr. Gadjusek in 1956. He won the Nobel Prize in 1976 for his work.

Another theory is that Kuru was artificially developed by Unit 731-like groups and injected in the Fore Tribe. We have proof that sheep sera was used for something in New Guinea. This was in the WW II records and held secret. It is plausible that kuru was created artificially in the laboratory probably by Dr. Gadjusek. Has this led to a world-wide epidemic of Mad Cow Disease and Alzheimer's?

Dr. Gadjusek was arrested on trumped up charges by armed FBI agents when he returned from a Mad Cow conference in England. All of his papers were confiscated. He was put in prison for a year and then moved to Europe. He is continuing his work from there. This is my own unpublished theory based on evidence I’ve researched. The prion story, the primary theory about Mad Cow Disease, sounds kind of hokey to me!

Several Unit 731 people went on to head other important organizations in Japan! The Hiroshima bomb was an airburst and produced significantly lower levels of fallout than ground or water bursts which were produced in US tests, especially at the Nevada Test Site.

More recently Dr. James Neel was accused of carrying out the largest fraud in the history of anthropology involving the Yanomami Indians. A close associate was a key player in efforts to set up an independent “FARC” like zone in Venezuela for gold and antiquities. A major effort by the University of Michigan, NAS and other groups was made to cover-up these frauds.

The exact mission of Dr. James Neel and his associates is not clear. It is known that radioisotope studies were performed for the AEC and similar groups from other countries including France. Again a combination of US Government and media efforts have been made to cover-up this and related stories.

Iona: Am I wrong in thinking the FARC zone I know about is in Columbia and has to do with cocaine production and its use as currency? Who do you suspect is behind these frauds; are they all related? Are you saying they were just his cover for being there for other covert purposes, political rather than scientific purposes? Is this the Yanomami (of Southern Venezuela and Northern Brazil on the Orinoco) controversy to which you refer?
“For over two months now, there has been a concerted attack on ‘Darkness in El Dorado’ from individuals and institutions sympathetic to Napoleon Chagnon and James Neel. This prepublication assault has been nothing short of extraordinary, but not surprising given the stakes in the controversy. James Neel was a prominent figure in the National Academy of Sciences.

The controversy has been spun in such a way as to make Darkness in El Dorado seem a book only about a measles vaccine and measles epidemics in the Amazon. In fact, the book is a work with a broad and encompassing theme, which suggests that cultural deracination has been brought about by outsiders, including scientists and journalists who have projected their own views and ideologies on the Yanomami. One of my theses, for those who haven't read the book yet, is that scientific expeditions to the Yanomami to collect 12,000 blood samples and genealogies, financed by the Atomic Energy Commission as part of radiation studies in human genetics between 1965 and 1972,1 took unethical and unfair advantage of the Yanomami. These expeditions also spread disease, warfare, and cultural chaos among one of the most vulnerable groups in the world.

President Alberts misrepresents my treatment of the 1968 epidemic in Amazonia. This outbreak began shortly after James Neel and Napoleon Chagnon began inoculating the Yanomami with a live-virus measles vaccine known as the Edmonston B vaccine. Alberts criticizes me for writing that James Neel "selected this vaccine mindful of its harmful results . . . in order to record the response of the Yanomami to this 'virulent' virus vaccine in hopes of confirming eugenic theories that Neel purportedly espoused. Among the Yanomami at Ocamo, Neel himself recorded the most severe reaction known to have occurred on the planet--with temperatures skyrocketing up to 104 degrees.

I have also documented, in painful detail, how Neel's team, despite being in the middle of a major outbreak of measles in a virgin population, continued to collect blood, stage films and distribute massive amounts of steel presents that attracted sick Yanomami who trailed the expedition into the tribe's heartland. I wish that Professor Alberts had discussed this issue, which is central to the measles chapter. Thus, the scientists seem to have been a primary vector of infection. . . James Neel's Yanomami studies were financed by direct grants to the University of Michigan's Department of Human Genetics from the Division of Biology and Medicine of the Atomic Energy Commission: "the Director of the Division of Biology and Medicine had the responsibility for approving the expenditure of research funds.” (Patrick Tierney, 2000)


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While Stanford Research Institute (SRI) got lots of public attention, MRU and MRF have remained in the shadows, though it is the East Coast equivalent of the former facility. Schleicher is a spook who remains cloaked in mystery, though "outed" in Alex Constantine's VIRTUAL GOVERNMENT by Feral Press. There is plenty of speculation, but even those who worked with Carl never got the whole story or the Big Picture behind his Naval Intelligence days or the scope of his MRU mission. We can presume it shared a certain similarity with SRI, being in the same genre.
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